2011 Monsoon Soundings



The 2011 Monsoon Season, one of the top ten "wettest" on record, wound down with a spectacular afternoon pyrotechnic drenching on 9/26/2011.

As the storm approached from the east, I was on the back porch improvising on viola with the wind and rain until the lightning decided to grab center stage and sent me scrambling for Stage Left.

2011 monsoon 9/20



A full-out tropical soupy blast from Sonora mixing it up with typically volatile Arizona sunshine and dryness adds up to a four plus hour storm with some of the finest thunder, lightning and flooding of the season (not to mention a couple of funnel cloud sightings). 

This recording is a twenty minute excerpt for the full 9/10/11 monsoon sounding.

tucson tornado



A monsoon sounding from 8/18/2011 recorded under a tin roof porch featuring random rain, big thunder, whispering wind, observation conversation, steady banjo noodling and a whole lot'a playing going on.


tucson monsoon august 2011



The 7/3/2011 monsoon storm displayed a quintessential narrative arc.

 The beginning is subtle, still, pensive --- a cricket chirps, a few dogs bark, distant thunder advances rom the east.

In five minutes or so the storm announces itself with a crack of light and sound.

Rain falls on que, winds grow stronger and the heart of the storm advances.

This arc peaks about 15 minutes in as the storm passes overhead and into the west.

Thunder grows increasingly distant, the rain diminishes, left behind is a drenched and dripping soundscape.


If you turn up the volume in the beginning you'll want to lower the sound around five minutes in.

It is also recommended you listen to this storm with headphones to hear the nuances lost when broadcast through external speakers.

Also, because of the sudden intensity of this storm, it has the potential at times to startle pets, young children and skittish adults. Please use discretion when playing.

monsoon 2011



tucson monsoon rain noaa

After months of enduring nothing but hot dust and wind

the monsoon rains arrived this morning

upon shotgun blast thunder

and clouds of synaptic illumination. 

  tucson monsoon rain 6/30/11