The 2018 Psychoacoustic Holiday Album was created in deep gratitude to you for your support throughout the year that was and the year ahead whether by attending events, purchasing sound or simply engaging in meaningful conversation.

And so: This album is a gift and there is no charge just the time and energy you invest in downloading:


The 2018 Psychoacoustic Holiday Album is ear-crafted for listening with headphones or on a proper stereo system.

Anything else is a waste of time.

This work is intended for full body listening and has the ability to produce auditory hallucinations and other phenomenon plus the creation of physical sensations, all of which should be pleasing if this is the sort of thing that pleases you.

Others with more delicate sensibilities may find this holiday album horrific and uncomfortable which I suppose is a pleasant and unintended byproduct.

Lastly, on a technical note: The 2018 Psychoacoustic Holiday Album was performed on electric guitar in one take. Recorded on a Zoom H2 in four channels and mastered only with a bit of EQ and fades on the front and back end.

And finally, yes, I realize the current year is 2017. The 2018 Psychoacoustic Holiday Album is from ::: THE FUTURE!!!

If you would like to hear tracks from this work preformed live get in touch and perhaps we can set something up. This holiday album is a fraction of the full work which is meant to run for at least a 27 hour time cycle, ideally in a venue with reflective acoustic architecture.

Till again,