Are you popular?

unpopular music

In this age of desperate popularity, unpopular is the new popular.

Likes and favorites are oh-so 2013.

One thousand friends on Facebook can't hold a candle to a single true connection.

The fallow followers are no longer following the followed.

In other words, the unpopular revolution has begun.

For those engaged on the front-line of this popular unpopular revolution, a soundtrack has been lovingly forged : UNPOPULAR MUSIC FOR UNPOPULAR PEOPLE --- a rapturous cavalcade of galloping sonorous ostracizations guaranteed to excite famished ears and titillate the visceral vicissitude senses with a gargantuan dose of unpopular music crafted from only the finest of unpopular sounds.

To get yours, follow the link:

But best of all, if you should find UNPOPULAR MUSIC FOR UNPOPULAR PEOPLE to be unsatisfactory in any way, shape or form, there is a 100 percent refund-in-kind policy.

Simply contact me directly with your complaint and you will receive an unpopular item of greater or lesser value. No questions asked. That's my unpopular promise to you.

So act now, this unpopular revolution won't last forever.

Meanwhile, in Italy and other nearby countries sorting through their own migration issues, border wall music was placed on the radar as a sonic possibility thanks to the efforts of journalist Riccardo Ferraris.

Video Link:

Till again: Stay tuned and embrace the unpopular,