Beyond The Wall

the anta project


Back in the technologic dark ages of 2006, when The Anta Project first went live as a free, downloadable MP3, the SoniCanta web diagnostic software which tracked such things reported upwards of 2-3,000  downloads and streams were taking place every day.

As someone who distributed sound by randomly leaving cassette tapes in public spaces for people to find, this was hard to get my mind around. Who were all these people and what were they listening for?

But that didn't matter. Besides an interstellar sonic journey, a primary objective of The Anta Project was to simply get the word out about the impending militarization of the Southern Arizona borderlands via sound and associated words and images.

To accomplish this task offering the sound at no charge seemed the best way to go.

After a few years and what easily tallied up to 1 million downloads and streams, I began to see the numbers drop off day-to-day, month-to-month.

Not only was the wall music market saturated, but I was also offering some pretty crappy MP3 files that did not do the master recordings justice.

So after more time and lots of technological innovation, The Anta Project eventually became a high-quality remastered MP3/WAV/FLAC etc download via Bandcamp with 100 percent of the profits going to No More Deaths.

The deal was also sweetened with the addition of Droneland Security and lots of bonus material including images and videos.

I liked the symmetry of transforming a border wall --- which migrants died by the thousands walking around --- into an instrument, and then transforming the sound produced by the wall into money which would help fund No More Deaths, an organization whose mission was to help those very same people whom the militarization was killing.

At the time I went the "pay-what-you-will" route and was surprised how often people pledged $1 for the entire package, which after the PayPal/Bandcamp cut wound up only being about eighty cents or so.

Keeping track of the funding was daunting at times but I wanted to make sure No More Deaths received every cent they were due.

Then came Border Songs, and the blending of Droneland Security with Margaret Randall's epic poem --- Offended Turf --- which was inspired by a borderland sojourn.

Today Border Songs is a financial juggernaut with 100 percent of the profits going to No More Deaths.  

With Border Songs bringing in so much revenue to help fund No More Deaths' mission, I've decided this is a good time to remove The Anta Project as a fundraiser.

There are a few exciting ideas in the works for the future of The Anta Project/Droneland Security and in this age where artists are paid $.0000001 for a play of their music on Spotify and the likes, the less complicated finances are the better.

Finally, in grateful appreciation for everyone's support over the years, and as an upgrade option for those of you who may have purchased inferior audio copies,  the full Anta Project package --- sound/images/video --- will be available at no charge starting now and lasting for only 24 hours.

After that it will be still be available on Bandcamp for purchase until the next phase of this work gets under way.

So get'em while you can, stay tuned and thanks as always for listening...