Cage-ing Anta




Back in September 2011 I received an email from the content director of JOHN CAGE unbound A LIVING ARCHIVE --- "on behalf of The New York Public Library" --- asking permission to include a performance of John Cage's 4'33" featuring The Nogales Wall.

As I would soon learn, JOHN CAGE unbound A LIVING ARCHIVE is a joint venture between The New York Public Library and The John Cage Trust which seeks to make their collection of Cage's original manuscripts and papers housed in the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center more accessible to the public.

Naturally I said "yes," and of course I'm very honored to have The Nogales Wall version of 4'33" included in this project. That much goes without saying.

But more importantly, without the work of John Cage there would likely be no soniCanta, and therefore I feel compelled to pass along word of this wonderful on-line resource. There has never been a better time for all of us to embrace our potential as musicians and sound creators.

As the site notes: "Cage believed that, following his detailed directions, anyone could make music from any kind of instrument — and so we welcome your interpretations of his music."

In celebration of what would have been Cage's 100th birthday year, I have made the entire  Nogales Wall interpretation of 4'33" available HERE at no charge for a limited time.

A similar recording is also available on the double cd : jimpani kustakwa ka jankwariteecherï.