Cave Of Shifting Light


There is a cave up in the hills near Tucson, remote enough to keep the vandals at bay and yet close enough for a day hike. Across from the cave is a mesa where it is possible to find the remnants of  people who lived there for thousands of years until they were driven away. In every direction, atop nearly every hill, for miles around you can find similar traces of those who came before.

In stone and mud they left their mark. While there are plenty of petroglyphs carved into stone throughout the desert, this cave is unusual for it's pictographs of Bighorn Sheep which are remarkably similar in style to paintings found elsewhere in Arizona, New Mexico and Old Mexico.

But what really struck me was the sound of this cave.

Carved by wind, the walls are circular creating a beautiful natural reverb that amplifies the natural world. The first time I visited the cave there was a pool of water from a winter storm. It was a windy day with racing clouds and shifting light. Inside, the sound of the desert whispering and wailing combined with the play of light. It was mesmerizing. It was powerful. It was eternal.

I recorded audio from the cave and manipulated it to create a drone work I for some video from that winter's day.

Hopefully a bit of the energy comes through as well...