Eleven Years Ago

npr glenn weyant

On June 13, 2006 the world first heard about border wall music and the potential to transform militarized zones with sound and action via National Public Radio.

NPR link:

Did eleven years of regular performances in the militarized borderlands change anything?


There are certainly more border walls now than when I started.

But it also seems there are more people trying to transform the walls and militarized borderlands via their own sound solutions.

To mark the 11 year milestone of border wall music entering into the global cultural zeitgeist, I am giving away the full Anta Project recording -- plus gobs of bonus material -- at no charge now through June 13.

Download link:

And if you do download the music, please consider paying it forward by making a donation to a local humanitarian organization of your choosing.

That would be payment enough.

Till again.

Stay tuned,

glenn weyant