With humble and most sincere apologies to Allen Ginsberg:


GNASH !  – The Abbreviated SB1070 Subtext


saw the worst minds of their degeneration destroyed by SB1070, gluttonous hysterical overly clothed, dragging themselves through the Spanish-named streets at dawn looking for an angry border fix,

Demon-headed tricksters burning for the ancient racism of the starry-eyed scapegoat minority oppression machinery of militarized might,

Who perverted and Tea-bagged and hollow-brained and low-down sat up seething in the Arizona Legislature darkness of hot-aired flatulence floating across the tops of Phoenix contemplating their abominations,

Who bared their brain-less plan before Hell to The Arizona Governor and saw visions of migrating angels staggering through kitchens and upon lawns and on construction sites illuminated,

Who railed against liberal universities with dull eyes hallucinating Alabama and Mississippi by cross light burning sealed behind steel walls,

With the absolute bile of this poem of death they turned their hatred into SB1070, legislation that would be overcome for a thousand years.