Hear Free Or Fly


photo by patricia katchur


In the early part of 2012, photographer Patricia Katchur approached me about creating an original sound work which would complement the opening of her Tucson photography exhibit titled: Desierto.

I'd been a fan of Patty's work for a couple of years now, so I didn't hesitate to say yes.

Over the coming months Patty sent images she'd captured in Southern Arizona and four of them eventually served as the inspiration for the composition -      Phantasmagorical Sonoran : Suite I-IV.

Phantasmagorical Sonoran : Suite I-IV is constructed from over 30 hours of field recordings made in the Sonoran Desert's urban, suburban and rural landscapes with traditional instrument and instrument of original design accompaniment.

 The work premiered on August 16, at The Tucson Botanical Garden on August 16 as part of the Desierto exhibit.

And if you missed the installation, not to worry --- A high quality recording of the complete Phantasmagorical Sonoran : Suite I-IV is now available HERE