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With temps topping the 110 mark in some places, the Sonoran Desert melts beneath the weight of the sun, transforming ordinarily solid things like steering wheels and asphalt roads into viscous liquid.

All along the US/Mexico border, migrants walk around walls and check points to die by the hundreds as they make their way into the United States to find work or to be with family.

Since October 2011, the "known" number of migrant deaths in Arizona alone is already nearing 100.

And the summer is still young.
Around this this time last year I met with some people from State of the Re:Union, a public radio program that was filming a television pilot in Tucson.

Their show is now airing around the country on various public television stations (check local listings). 
While the site seems to have occasional troubles, it is also available through streaming on the internet at: 
There was a lot of material to cover and only an hour to do it, but overall I think they did a nice job of presenting a slice of Tucson life, touching on everything from migrant deaths to the Free Baja movement.

There's even a bit of wall playing about 35 minutes in. 
Hope all is cool where you are, or if it is winter, I hope you are some place warm. 
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