On Being Glenn Weyant


Many years ago, before there was an Internet, I thought I was the only person named Glenn Weyant.

Was I ever mistaken.

In this age of everything, I've come to learn there are probably about 100 of us Glenn Weyants out there.

And from what I can tell, the other Glenn Weyants are a relatively nice bunch of people comprised of various ages, religions, political view points and spread out across the landscape from sea to shining sea.

But I've also learned this is an age when anyone can pose as Glenn Weyant.

Especially when making comments on Web pages and the likes.

So if you read comments somewhere on the Internet by a monkey loving, cop hating, male pantyhose wearing, butt slapping, incendiary raver calling himself Glenn Weyant, kindly take a moment and consider:

Which Glenn Weyant is this?

Or is this even Glenn Weyant at all?

But better yet, head on over to where you know you'll  always get the real deal...

Stay tuned,

Glenn Weyant

glenn weyant