Have you ever found yourself wandering about strange in a stranger land?

Without compass or bearings but nonetheless moving forward, with a determination born as much of momentum as an overwhelming curiosity to see what may lie just ahead, beyond the outskirts of familiar?

For most of my life I’ve been exploring those places and along the way they’ve lead to some wonderful discoveries and insights.

As a child, I’d often trade home and family life for the seemingly solitary, forgotten and forbidden places outside the steady New Jersey pulse of want and more.

Chastised for being a loner or anti-social, I took solace in the ragged edges and borderlands, where ravenous civilization and the last vestiges of what was once wild shared an uneasy truce.

In those places I learned to listen and watch and ultimately they taught me well as I discovered new freedoms, realities and possibilities for the journey that lay ahead.

Now more than 45 years into this process of evolution and incorporation, the old boundaries, no longer distinct, blur and meld, as without leads to within and back again.

Life is in the wandering.

Perfection is everywhere always.

There are no wrong notes, only sound.

Sonoran Desert Occurrence is a wandering spirit track for open listening, built with intuitive now processes from banjo, bells, percussion, blu-blu, horns, piano and a hundred year old foot powered pump organ with wheezing bellows and time tuned reeds.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Stay tuned.