Have you noticed the seasonal gears are meshing again?

Summer fades and the s
hadows move quicker.

And upon the dried flowers ravenous seed eaters are fattening up for the travels and slumbers that lie ahead.

It is a time of change and new forms.

Speaking of new forms...

I finally
 heard back from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) about my request for video from December 11, 2009 taken at the "W6" section of the Nogales border wall roughly one mile west of the main port of entry.
As detailed in a previous post it had been a convoluted process.

At first CBP told me it would be virtually cost prohibitive to process my request because they had roughly nine hours of video and some of it was shot from multiple cameras.

So we narrowed it down to a December 11 session where I had traveled to Nogales with film maker Steve Elkins.

It was a very well attended session (see photo below) and I know video had been recorded by Border Patrol because they told me so.

Then a month or so later CBP contacted me again stating the video contained no images of the playing session but they would send me the video anyway at no cost, which was sincerely appreciated.

With the file officially "closed" a quick review of the video showed it was the right date but from the wrong location. In fact the letter makes no reference to the location requested, just the date.

So I'm back to weighing my options again. 

However, in a side note, I did discover wild mutts are apparently sneaking into Mexico from America and running wild.

Just imagine the business potential for developing canine border control solutions.

It's dizzying, the possibilities...

But for now, anyone who wants to see the wall playing performance the government claims they never recorded --- and that remains to be seen --- check out Steve Elkins film Reach of Resonance. 

From what I've seen Steve has created a lasting and beautiful work.

The Anta Project also makes a brief appearance and has contributed some sound.

There is also some footage from when I took
Rose to visit the Sasabe Wall  (later dubbed King David's Wall) a few years back.

While official release will not happen until 2011 or so, below is an unofficial teaser.

And who knows, maybe after this movie comes out I can convince Kronos to come on down to the border and play the real thing as well....
In other equally important developments, as many of you already know, The Spokes Men ~aka~ Bike-A-Stra debuted in Tucson last month.

Playing a bike is nothing new.

Children have been modifying their bikes to make sound for as long as there have been children with bicycles.

Frank Zappa brought bike playing to national attention in 1963.

When playing "untraditional" instruments, artists often focus on the novelty of the instrument or who was the first to play it.

But that is absurd.

It's not about what you play but what you create.

And to my ear The Spokes Men ~aka~ Bike-A-Stra are taking bicycle playing into a new orbit.

Free Downloads:
* 09/04/10 Session
09/10/10 Session
PARK(ing) Day
The Red Room

Working with
Scott Kerr and Jamie Laboz has been a pleasure and I'm looking forward to seeing where Steev Hise takes the project visually as VJ.

And be sure to check the site for details about our October 1 telematic performance live from BICAS  and broadcast over USTREAM.
So there is the limited wrap of the month or so that was.

Stay tuned because there's much more to come...