Scorpion --- Singular


Hola folks,

As many of you know, the rabidly sun baked xenophobic elected officials in the Arizona capital have for far too long been exporting their mantra of fear and loathing far and wide under the dutiful leadership of Governor Janet Brewer.

 Now that propaganda machine is fired-up and ready to roll  in the production of a new book by Brewer (with an introduction by Sarah Palin) titled: Scorpions For Breakfast.

 As a public service to everyone in The Great State of Arizona and elsewhere, today SonicAnta launched a "Brewer Free Zone" at

 Ideally we wanted to secure the plural "scorpion" version, but it was unavailable.

 However, considering the press this launch will get, we were were surprised the one we got wasn't taken as well.

We also learned that the Associated Press misspelled the name of the book (using scorpion --- singular) and it was reproduced incorrectly by media around the globe.

Talk about karma.

So in the days ahead we're looking forward to connecting with the misinformed, the thick fingered, and the oh-too-fast-a-typist-for-accuracy minority that will likely stumble in.

Even one "ah ha moment" will make it all worthwhile.

Stay tuned and in touch,



scorpion for breakfast