Seasoned Greetings From The Anta Claus

the anta claus

Land Of The Free, Home Of The Paid

With 2001 on the wing and 2012 in the wings,  there has never been a better time to to turn someone you love onto the sultry sounds of authentic Sonoran Desert Wall Music.

This year a handful of projects (films, cds, books) have made their way to market that are directly benefiting the good works of organizations and people whom SonicAnta strongly supports.

Those links are listed below including a list of free things as well (at the bottom of this email).

There has never been a better time to Occupy The Holidays with your ears wide open.

Stay tuned and in touch,



1. Flor De Muertos -- If you ever wanted to know just what the hell is going on in the Southern Arizona borderlands, then this film is for you. Part documentary part concert film, Flor de Muertos is the real deal, featuring extensive Day of the Dead and Tucson All Souls Procession footage, commentary by the likes of the phenomenal Charles Bowden, and a live performance by Calexico. There is even a Nogales Border Wall Improvised Duet between musicians on either side. Just released on video and available NOW for the world to enjoy.

2. Deep Listening Anthology II -- This volume is the second Deep Listening Anthology, containing mostly instructional scores by composers, along with scores in traditional
notation, poetry, visual art, and other writings. DLA VII includes a composition for playing borders and a score written expressly for an installation at MOCA-Tucson.

3. jimpani kustakwa ka jankwariteecherï -- This is a recording by Estamos Ensemble, a group composed of musicians from Mexico and the U.S. with the intention of fostering more communication and collaboration between musicians of the bordering countries as well as a better understanding of and appreciation for the citizens of our countries in general. The recording premieres of compositions written specifically for the ensemble by Ana Lara, Nels Cline, Juan Felipe Waller, Pauline Oliveros, Joan Jeanrenaud, Vinny Golia, Jorge Torres Sáenz, William Parker, and Tholle m McDonas. It also features John Cage's 4'33 performed with The Nogales Border Wall.

4. The Anta Project --- If you don't own a copy but have always wanted to, there has never been a better time. The Anta Project is remixed and repackaged as a hi-rez download with Droneland Security. All profits from the sale of this recording go to support No More Deaths.

5. The Reach of Resonance -- Go see this movie if you can find it. Its been touring museums and cultural centers around the world but does not seem headed for wide release yet. It features some fence playing and even some Nogales Wall playing too. However, if for no other reason, director Steve Elkins also has footage of the elusive Anta Claus shot during his visit to the Nogales Border Wall.


1.From The Cloud -- Three feature length downloads that expand beyond the wall into the distant horizon where thought and expression are one.

2. From SonicAnta  --- Click on SOUNDS and the drop down menu offers over 100 tracks in MP3 format ranging from solo ventures to collaborations with plenty of everything in between. Be sure to check out the recording from the University of Arizona School of Music.