After posting my last video, tucson mountain chaos: amplified earth, viewers/readers raised concerns a felony may have been committed during the performance because of the signage posted after the opening credit.
Not to worry.

No laws were broken and the area of  performance was at a different location on public land.

The location of the sign was at an adjacent shooting range.

My guess is: When the usual targets get boring, power lines become interesting.
(Future sound project note: set up a series of gongs to be fired upon).

As a sound sculptor i consider everything a potential instrument and every sound valid.

So naturally it is important to me that no laws be broken when performing.

Leave only footprints.

Take only sounds.
To my mind, trespassing or committing acts of vandalism negates the power of the instrument and the sound it creates.
The goal (if there is any such thing) of my sound work, is to hopefully transform and challenge the established collective perceptions of physical and sonic realities.
When a criminal act is committed, the criminal act itself becomes the focus of the work.
And unless committing a criminal act is vital to the work, then why bother muddying it up and adding that level of confusion?
playing the heavily militarized american and mexican border, (and yes, it is legal to play the walls and fences), some of the most enjoyable conversations I've had are with the people who live there, cross, build or patrol it.
To them, the idea of the border wall being a multi-million dollar instrument was never in the equation.
And because playing the border involves a transformation of perceived reality, a dialog usually begins beyond the scope of the usual rhetoric and polarization regardless of whether they are on the right or left side of the issues.
If I chose to commit a crime during the creation process, say record the sound of a blowtorch burning a hole through the wall, then the focus of the anta project would have been on the criminal act, my arrest, processing and so forth.

And perhaps that is a key point and common thread with all of these projects i’m involved in: Rather than serve as a form of
social protest I am attempting to create social awareness.

So in that way they lend themselves to a more benign evolution of thought, creating niches for light to pour through and changing perceptions about what is possible.
A twist of the dial
revealing new patterns not known before.
And so on.
Not to mention it’s much more enjoyable that way.