For the next installment of Sound Scouting we're headed to Trader Joe's Number 191, just south of River Road on Campbell Avenue in Tucson.

If you've never been, the newly built Trader Joe's is spacious, clean, well stocked and ripe with that patented nautical theme the chain is famous for.

However, while the store itself favors playing classic 70's fm rock, Sound Scout was much more interested in the acoustic environment of the men's bathroom located in the south-east corner of the building just behind the wine section.

Like the rest of the store, the bathrooms are spacious, kitschy, clean and inviting, but in a wonderful example of serendipitous engineering, the rooms are also radiant with drones worthy of the
Starship Enterprise engine room.

Before making this recording Sound Scout sampled both the men's and women's bathrooms and discovered the sound to be exceptionally robust in the men's.

On a technical note, it took some time to find a recording location that best recreated the room's dynamics.

The size of the room produces some excellent warm natural reverb, the drones continuously cycle, growing deep enough at times to create high end vibrations and all of this is punctuated by the occasional ring of cashier
customer service bells.

The bathrooms are also single occupancy and outfitted with occupied/ unoccupied signage, so you can take your time and really experience the depth of the drones.

But be sure to be kind and don't take too long as not everyone uses the bathrooms solely for the listening experience.