Traveling Migrant Bottles


water works


A couple of years ago I found some water bottles left beside a desert road by migrants passing through.

A couple of years later, a writer in New Zealand saw images of the bottles and asked to include them, along with their narrative, in educational materials for children about the challenges of providing everyone in the world with plenty of clean, drinkable water.

This week I received a copy of the published image on a DVD titled: Water Works - An integrated learning resource that explores water themes and challenges through seven learning areas.

Those bottles traveled a long way before I was gifted with them, and since that time I have passed them on to people I've met who've been interested in border issues.

And they in turn pass on their narrative with the people they meet.

Now the image of those bottles and their story is being passed around the world. 

A plastic jug whose contents can mean the difference between life and death is a powerful thing.

Pass it on.

water works 2