Where The Wall Was Heard In September


Since went live in 2006, the world has been steadily tuning in for the sultry sounds of border wall music and other Sonoran Desert aural explorations.

This past month was no exception, with listeners finding their way to hear here from ---

--- China, Netherlands, Uruguay, Mexico, Ukraine, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain (UK), Romania, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Italy, Korea (South), Sweden, Israel, Poland, Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, Denmark, Viet Nam, Japan, Hungary, Ireland, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Belgium, Hong Kong, Slovak Republic, Philippines, Spain, Qatar, Zambia, Finland, Taiwan, Latvia, Norway, Austria, Thailand, Iran, Lithuania, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, Angola, India, Turkey.

Where ever your ears might be, it's an honor to know you are out here listening.

Till next time ... thank you and please come again... there is much more in store....



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