Of doldrums and monsoon lilies.

From May into June for those who remain, time seems to loiter upon the steaming streets of Tucson, and in this seasonal transition there is a sense of being suspended, like some prehistoric bug mired in amber.

Students flee.

Snowbirds fly.

But some remain, like tadpoles in an evaporating pool, growing indifferent to the heat, subconsciously aware of the subtle evolution taking place.

Then one day Mexico-born moisture returns, sparking cumulus nuclear mushroom clouds atop the surrounding compass point mountains.
~ Catalina (north), Santa Rita (south), Rincon (east), Tucson (west) ~  

When they can get no higher the clouds crumble into the city, bringing with them an avalanche of wind and rain and hail.

The sky, a backdrop of impossible primordial colors, is torn by ragged clear light shards

Thunder rolls and the sun-fired desert soil melts beneath the
weight of single liquid drops, coalescing into puddles, racing down streets, filling washes and rivers, searching for imaginary seas.

In time the emerald velvet creep begins again, crawling up hills and mountainsides.

Bug's take wing. Amphibians lay eggs. Birds call.

Those who remain are reminded of why they stayed.

Sipping strong drinks beneath a tin-roof porch we watch the 
skies for omens and portents the storms might bring, predicting patterns in the unpredictable nature of borderless weather.

To honor this annual season of transformation, three improvisations are presented here for the downloading.

Stay tuned.

Listen well.

Drone deep.


~WATER ~ An improvisation for piano, thunder, rain, birds and cicada. Note: Around 10 minutes in or so a blast of wind stops the rain momentarily before picking up full force again.
~CHANGE ~ An improvisation for insects, birds and planes with electronic manipulations. This sound work is also featured as the audio track on the "passing things" video.
~ TRANSFORMATION ~ An improvisation for birds, planes, insects and piano.