White Light


nogales senven years ago today

Photo of Glenn Weyant bowing the Old Nogales Wall  by Jenniffer Funk-Weyant (2006), photographed by Stefan Falke (2013), same location, but with a newly built, acoustically inferior and more deadly wall in background.


The color white, formed by the presence of all visible wave lengths of light but without absorption, has been a theme as of late.

The color made itself known earlier this month when I met with photographer Stefan Falke.

Stefan had left his home in Brooklyn to travel the borderlands in search of artists to photograph. Apparently I was one of them.

In Nogales, at a location along the border wall where The Anta Project began roughly seven years ago, we encountered a white peacock.


nogales peacock


I'd later learn white peacocks are vested with all sorts of mystical symbolism, from harbingers of good luck to spirituality, awakening and light.

One idea which seem especially fitting for this borderland encounter was that the gates of paradise are guarded by peacocks.

For most of the day we traveled the Nogales to Sasabe gauntlet, popularized in Margaret Randall’s epic poem Offended Turf, taking in the militarized borderland landscape and commenting upon the usual mojo.

Stephan’s project is a work in progress, but based on the collection of images he’s taken during his travels along the US/Mexico border, it would seem the peacock’s prophesy of success is already coming true.

A few weeks later came the second burst of white, this time in the form of snow, blankets of snow dusting the desert floor and capping the sky islands.

This event was billed a “blizzard” by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric and Atmospheric Administration and I knew to obtain the full effect I would have to experience it atop a mountain peak.

In darkness and deep quiet,  I set out to follow snow drift obliterated trails surrounded by frosted cactus and hoodoo spires.

No moon lit the night as I stumbled over rocks, past animals hunkered down in the storm. Under cold, distant stars their eyes burned bright.

animal eyes


Steadily I gained elevation until finding myself upon a ridge overlooking the city.

First blush of day spread from behind the Rincon Mountains then exploded into dawn, flowing over the desert valley in pursuit of shadows.

A tsunami of golden rose and tangerine light illuminated the canvas of fresh white powder with a primordial glow.

In six inches of snow I stood atop Wasson Peak, a place I had been many time before in 100+ degree heat, and howled with a mad morning chorus of coyotes.

A good time was had by all.

tucson mountains


Finally, there is the white light/white sound of The Sherman-Weyant Anarchist Implosion, a work which will be presented March 1 at the Museum Of Contemporary Art : Tucson in the presence of Peter Young’s Capitalist Masterpieces exhibition.

Officially “The Sherman-Weyant Anarchist Implosion have created a site-specific ambient audio work that is inspired and provoked by Peter Young's paintings while also explicitly devised to acoustically activate the MOCA great hall's unique properties. Echoing and celebrating Young's career of painterly process-based abstraction, The Sherman-Weyant Anarchist Implosion will present a multithreaded performative soundscape that is both algorithmic and improvisational.”

However, to put it more simply: The Sherman-Weyant Anarchist Implosion will shred your mind.

I met David Sherman during a previous project which imploded under the gravity of its own inflated importance.

From those ashes The Sherman-Weyant Anarchist Implosion was born.

I find David’s audible light and film loops to be a deep well of inspirational and collaborative potential.

For this event I will work with Kestrel 920 and cello.

Bean bag chairs will be provided and there is no cover charge!

So there it is, in white light, color and sound.

Stay tuned and in touch,