Today, July 18, is World Listening Day .
As part of this global effort to hear a bit further and perhaps
a little deeper , I’ve taken a sounding this morning of the sonic ecology in Tucson.
Ten cd-rs featuring that recording were then burned and placed in various locations around Tucson with a note asking whoever found one to visit this site and provide some feedback.

Over the years I‘ve done similar “found sound” projects with mixed results.

The success or failure of these things all depend on who finds the discs, what they hear and if they decide to participate.
So we’ll have to hear/see where this goes.

The track was also posted on
Bandcamp and is available as a free download. It should be noted the Bandcamp download also includes three hidden bonus trax" Farmer's Market, Lite Monsoon and Truck Drive In Search Of Cicadas.

If you are one of the people who found a disc --- Welcome, congratulations and thank you for listening.
Once you've played the disc kindly click “add comment” at the end of this post, and note the following information:
Disc number :
Location where found :
Your age :
Your sex :
How long have you lived in Tucson :
What did you hear when listening to the disc :
What is your relationship to the sound ecology you inhabit :
Do you engage in an active listening practice :
How do you define noise :
How do you define music :
Other thoughts or comments :
It's now up to you.
I look forward to hearing more....