A Two Sun High Collonic

Okay so now that the New Jersey (Yes, New Jersey NOT New York dammit!) Giants have won the Super Duper Bowl and the last presidential wannabes are strutting and preening and coiffing for your vote on Super Special Happy Tuesday, perhaps a sonic high colonic of the central nervous system is in order? If so... then the Chamber Music PLUS Arizona Cultural Forum 2008 has just what you need this weekend (see below) to blow out the pipes. There will be a slew of fascinating events, but in the myopic world of sonicanta I'm pleased to be building a Kestrel 920 sound sculpture on Friday and am looking forward to an improvised duet with Steven Romaniello on Theremin later the same day. A limited 10 disc cd-r run will also be available for sale during the show, featuring some of my stranger sound journeys culled from a variety of sources and instruments of mass percussion built but not released in the year that was. All sales will go to benefit Chamber Music PLUS. That is all for now. Till then, be there or be square, stay tuned and in touch. Shalom. Glenn