Back From The Land Above

Chicago bound whirlwind has abated. A wonderful time and much to pass on. Geologically The Chicago Calling Arts Festival was the bedrock. In a burst of three degrees of separation, it appeared everyone has a connection to Dan Godston, the event's key coordinator and meteor trumpeter. Via Dan a gig was put together on the evening of October 8 at The Peter Jones Gallery, a dynamic creative space with random stadium seating. That gig paired myself with legendary Springboard designer Eric Leonardson and concussion percussion extrapolation experimenter Matt Weston. Lumped into that group was a creature called the Artbot run by Michael Erzen which painted images based on our improvised sounds. You can download that set in three parts HERE. Be sure to note the occasional passings of the EL racing by. October 9 brought me to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a presentation about The Anta Project with Eric’s class. Afterwards I had a chance to sit in on a session by Eric teaching the finer points of building contact mics. Great stuff and a whole new generation being set free with sounds and instruments of their own design. Over the next two days gears were shifted as The Anta Project took root at Chicago Public Radio’s Third Coast International Audio Festival as an installation. Many conversations and connections via The Anta Project with radio producers from around the globe, informative sessions, free beer and a bit a radio celebrity gawking. Riding the elevator with Noah Adams talking about Stan Freberg, being asked by the Kitchen Sister’s 'So how exactly do you play the border?' and meeting with Jane Feltes of This American Life (Hey, isn't that Ira Glass?) were all highlights. But so too was the open bar on the first night. A great selection of cold beer and appetizers. And just in case you might wonder what a couple hundred radio people in an acoustically twisted room with an open bar sound like: LISTEN HERE. With so many talking, I was only too happy to listen. Now you can too. Stay tuned, Glenn