Beyond Anta Update

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of The Anta Project disc! In addtion to making more discs, those sales have gone directly towards funding the purchase (or is it rental?) of a domain for the construction of a new Web site. Where www.sonicanta.com is a site which will be dedicated to my own sonic explorations, this new site will be a central gathering place for musicians and artists from around the globe to present their interpretations of the borders they live with. Think: Great Wall of China! However, the definition of borders will not be limited solely to walls and fences. A border can be the limitations of gravity or the personal space we maintain between one another. Submissions will also be open to sound, words and images (video and still). More details will be posted as this phase of the project solidifies and becomes reality. If you are a musician/artist interested in learning more about how you can have your work featured on the new site please feel free to contact me directly. Volunteers and new ideas for/about the project are also welcome. I'm always glad for the chance to communicate. Last but not least, very grateful appreciation to Cia Romano and the crew atInterface Guru who have graciously donated time, expertise and services to the next phase. Their ideas and energy have been/will be invaluable in keeping this project rolling.