Birth, Death and The Central Scrutinizer

On Thursday December 11, (fourty-five years to the day that I was first slapped into this existence in Hackensack, New Jersey), I’ll be celebrating my seminal birth milestone by bowing steel in Tucson, Arizona at The Loft Cinema. The 20-minute set will be part of The 6th Annual All Souls International Film Festival which is a two day event exploring death and rebirth via cinema. For this event I'll be working with some new instruments, a short circuiting shortwave radio, and prepared sound samples. Video artist, event coordinator and psychograper extraordinaire Adam Cooper-Teran will be adding his unique vision to the live soundscape with a wall of images and visual delights. If you are not familiar with Adam’s work, I’ll let his images speak for themselves rather than clutter it up with words: "ANTRAL.NET" I’m looking forward to finding out where our visual soundscape collaboration morphs to. Working with Adam is an honor and perhaps best of all for those who will be attending, the audience will be able to take this all in on The Loft’s sprawling vintage movie screen. More details about event can be found at: "THE LOFT" The Gearwire Tapes Recently I was turned on to www.gearwire.com and the work of reporter Gretchen Hasse who I had the pleasure to speak with about The Anta Project last month. Gearwire.com is a fantastic repository of mostly video gear tips, techniques and interviews. The four-part series Gretchen produced on The Anta Project takes a look at the hardware I used to create the work so now there’s really no reason for you not to can get out there and play the world. But perhaps best of all the interview was done via the phone, so I sound a bit like The Central Scrutinizer which is wonderfully appropriate for this new age of Homeland Security. The White Zone is for loading and unloading only indeed. The full series links: 1. http://www.gearwire.com/sony-icdp520-review.html 2. http://www.gearwire.com/dod-fx80b-review.html 3. http://www.gearwire.com/korg-cm100l-review.html 4. http://www.gearwire.com/schaller-oysterpickup-review.html