Does Your Nose Run And Your Feet Smell?

Then you must be built upside down... So the winter rains brought a bounty of wildflowers, but the recent dry winds have been whiping up a toxic stew of dust and pollen that has left me feeling like an extra on the set of Scanners. (Check out the accompanying photo of my boots after a recent hike for pollen details). Sure, one or two good sneezes can be cathartic. But five or six in a row, repeatedly, seems to bring on an interesting form of madness. On the upside, I have been noticing a few musical hallucinations creeping in with each nasal explosion. Of course they may just be a byproduct of having read Oliver Sacks' new book: Musicophilia. Hard to say. Anyway through this fog a few pecked notes: In The Blog The Anta Project had a fun mention on Deputy Dog this week. The desert sonic excursion was juxtaposed by DaveX (professional, licensed raconteur) with Terje Isungset’s wonderful frozen sound work: Iceman Is. All the details can be found at: Deputy-Dog.com. D-Construction Update The first installment of the D-Construction Series has hit the postal by-ways. Everyone who subscribed should be receiving two discs (the scheduled release and a bonus mystery disc) via Priority Mail at their doorstep. Next month's discs and ephemera should be hit the skies on April 29. Flagstaff Bound This Saturday, April 12, if you happen to be in Flagstaff, be sure to stop by and say hello. I'll be at the Rocky Mountain Council for Latin American Studies 2008 Conference where the weekend lineup of presentations looks outstanding. The Anta Project presentation will be part of a Saturday session titled: Borders, Fences, and Immigration Policies. Details are below. Hope to see you there. Borders, Fences, and Immigration Policies Chair: Glenn Weyant (Anta Project) 1. Riley Merline (University of Arizona), “A Century of Border Fence Construction and Community Transformation: Ambos Nogales, 1898-1998” 2. Prescott Vandervoet (University of Arizona), “Los peligros del desierto: víboras, alacranes, y coyotes” 3. Larman C. Wilson (American University, Emeritus), “The Death of the Senate’s 2007 Immigration Reform Bill: A Post Mortem” 4. Glenn Weyant (Anta Project), “A Look at the Transformation and Deconstruction of the United State Border Wall in Nogales, Arizona, Symbolically, Metaphorically and Literally via Art and Educational Narrative”