Don't Fence Me In

In the news... Bush wants to build a 700 mile, $2.4 billion electro-acoustic instrument along the U.S./Mexico border. Who says Republicans never support the arts? From CNN: President Bush signed a bill Thursday authorizing the construction of a fence along one-third of the 2,100-mile U.S. border with Mexico. The act provides no funding mechanism for the fence, though a $1.2 billion appropriation was approved as part of a bill the president signed this month. There are no concrete numbers, but estimates suggest the fence would cost twice that amount. The earlier bill, however, stipulates that the $1.2 billion could be used for a fence, lighting, vehicle barriers and high-tech equipment. A poll released Wednesday by Opinion Research Corp. finds that 74 percent of the 1,013 Americans surveyed are in favor of more U.S. agents along the border, while 45 percent said they want a 700-mile fence along the border.