Double-Oh-Eight Now

With Double-Oh-Seven safely tucked away and filed under unexpected successfully experienced, Double-Oh-Eight now steps from the starting gate, simultaneously slinking and strutting with new possibility. Glancing backwards, in Double-Oh-Seven SonicAnta was fortunate to travel to universities, become embedded in The South, and be covered in web, video, radio and print media. If everything goes according to what's unplanned, in addition to the usual slew of free downloads slated for release, a new disc should be birthed this spring, along with at least two large scale performance possibilities, plus further installments of the EXTRACTED EARTH: A Sonic Work Without Listeners limited edition box set. On the immediate radar, I'm honored to have been asked to sculpt some sound with the Kestrel 920 on Feb. 8 at The 4th Annual Arizona Cultural Forum 2008, presented by Chamber Music PLUS SW (Arizona Senior Academy, 13701 East Old Spanish Trail,10 am – 12:15 pm, Free and Open to the Public). The event will include a work for Theremin and joint improvisation for Theremin and Kestrel 920. There will also be a talk titled: Amplification and the Human Ear by Daniel R. Boone, Ph.D. which will take a look at the ear and the physiology of how we hear. Before signing off, I'd like to thank everyone who has helped share/pass along The Anta Project/ SonicAnta.com to listeners in over 100 countries, promoting discussions about sound, borders and our universal global human condition as migrants. Because of you, hundreds of discs and nearly 80 gigs of sound have been given away since the site went live in 2006. The opportunity to share these downloads and ideas is an honor for which I am extremely grateful. Below is a short list of links (in no particular order, hopefully all working, and apologies in advance to anyone omitted), to some of the people whose thoughts and visions were influential in helping make Double-Oh-Seven what it was for The Anta Project/ SonicAnta.com and which I think you'll find worth exploring further. So stay tuned, in touch, have a great year and as always thank you for your support. Glenn ______________________________________________________________ 1. http://home.mchsi.com/~itde/ - A bastion of sonic adventure subverting the heartland. 2. www.theartgalleryofknoxville.com/ - Every town should have one. 3. http://asthmatickitty.com/music.php?releaseID=82 - One of my favorite discs in 007. 4. www.signaltonoisemagazine.org - THE source for experimental and improvised music. 5. http://maaheli.ee/ - Inspiring sonic ideas elaborately woven and deeply ingrained. 6. www.ronsen.org/monkminkpinkpunk/ - A must read Web zine. 7. www.antral.net - Subtly beautiful images in transition. 8. www.deeplistening.org/pauline/ - This IS what Deep Listening is all about. 9. www.myspace.com/mittimus2 - Connecticut Gods of Thunder, Light and Driftwood Bass. 10. www.subtopia.blogspot.com/ - The blog of life during wartime. 11. www.dyslexistential.blogspot.com/ - What is the sound of an aural cyclist writing? 12. www.indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=1096412953 - The film by Carlos DeMenezes no one wants you to see. 13. www.tucsonunderground.com/ - A Cia Romano joint documenting Tucson as no other site does or can. 14. www.csw.utk.edu/about/stimulus/enhanced/2007_fall/youthinitiatives.html - A roundup of the Knoxille, TN installation. 15. www.cmpsouthwest.org/ - Innovative and contemporary programming melding multiple art forms north of the border. 16. www.kuat.org/misenplace.cfm?ID=865 - Much thanks to Soo Lee for her coverage of SonicAnta/The Kestrel 920 and Tucson arts. 17. http://kuat.org/ondemand/listen/azspotlight.cfm - Arizona Spotlight journalist Mark McLemore, also of Ghost Cow fame ( www.ghostcow.com/band/index.html ), did a nice job covering SonicAnta. 18. http://cdbaby.com/found?allsearch=%22glenn+weyant%22 - Helping keep SonicAnta financially alive. 19. www.tunnelsinger.com/ - Hauntingly simple and deeply beautiful music. 20. www.southboundsarah.blogspot.com/ - The journal of one migrant headed south. 21. www.barrychabala.com/chabala/ - An alchemist who melts six strings into one with minimally explosive ideas. 22. www.muralesfrontera.org/ - Nogales, Sonora border artists and border wall kalimba resonator collaborators. 23. www.whi-music.co.uk/ - Ringmaster and sonic pioneer extraordinaire. 24. Buck Hoffman - Acoustic blues and deep space (no link but worth a listen if you can find him). 25. www.myspace.com/smileyandthelovedawg - Best thing you'll hear off or on Exit 65. 26. www.borderlinks.org - Doing wonderful work.