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Office Map New Download: September Swallows (Her Tale) The September/October Construction is up for download. This month’s free downloads are four improvisations built around prepared nailed board and guitar orchestrated. The work was inspired by the “pulse” of seasonal change from summer to autumn. The nailed board is a simple instrument of original design built from wood, nails and wire. In the center is a resonation chamber for placement of an amplification device. The nailed board is plucked, bowed and hammered to obtain the desired effects. Questions? Comments? Let me know. SonicAnta in France A number of mentions on French and other international Web sites (Aren't ALL Web sites international?) this week as a result of the Signal-to-Noise article. Wonderful to see the outward spiral and the connections it is making. Here’s a sample from: http://david-f.livejournal.com/ glenn weyant : bowing the wall un très bon article sur le musicien et sculpteur sonore Glenn Weyant dans le dernier numéro du magazine américain signal to noise. un de ses projets récents consiste à jouer de la musique en utilisant comme matériau physique le mur métallique et les barbelés placés entre les etats unis et le mexique. transformer cette cicatrice en musique est un acte politique assez fort à mon avis, et l'enregistrement n'a pas été de tout repos (les policiers qui patrouillaient ont même cru que son micro contact était un explosif !). le projet est visible en photos par ici, et en écoute là. très prenant Office Map NAME THAT WALL! redux Okay so last month’s contest image of the Berlin wall may have been too obscure, although a few people received discs simply for trying. This month’s monolith of division should be a bit simpler to identify. All you have to do is send an email to glennATsonicanta.com and correctly identify the wall shown in the picture above. It's that easy. The first three people to correctly do so will receive an autographed copy of The Anta Project for their listening and skeet shooting pleasure. So what are you waiting for? This contest will expire on Oct. 30. This In From Australia Following the link from France I had a chance to discover the phenomenal work of Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor. They work primarily with the fences that run across Australia. Really wonderful stuff and well worth checking out. What divides us joins us. http://www.jonroseweb.com/f_projects_great_fences.html New Photos Up A handful of new photos posted this week from the initial expedition and the nailed board. A second recording session may take place this winter along the border. If it does, new pix/sounds will be posted.