Freejazz.org Sampler Vol. II Out

After a year or so of gathering tracks and general logistics, the Freejazz.org Sampler Vol. II has been finalized and is available for download HERE. Of course I'm biased about how well this turned out, but if you appreciate adventurous music be sure to help yourself to an ear-full. For my contribution to the compilation, an excerpt from BITE ME WAL-MART (Suite), a work for prepared piano and Kestrel 920 was added. Send an email to glennATsonicantaDOTcom for more details about acquiring the full BITE ME WAL-MART (Suite). _________________________ FREEJAZZ.ORG SAMPLER VOL. II Title/Artist/Notes 1: Spark Trio - TIDAL WAVE: Ras Moshe – Tenor Sax; Matt Lavelle – Trumpet; Todd Capp – Drums 2: Berenson/Barnum/Marconi - Staring it Right in the Eyes: Adam Berenson – Piano; Scott Barnum – Bass; Bill Marconi – Drums/Percussion 3: Wright/Bailley - Philadelphia 2/06: Jack Wright - Saxes; Alban Bailley - Guitar www.springgardenmusic.com 4: Marc Edwards & Slipstream Time Travel - Ion Storm: James Duncan – Trumpet; Ras Moshe – Saxophone; Tor Snyder – Electric Guitar; Marc Edwards– Drums www.myspace.com/slipstreamtimetravel 5: Dan Brunkhorst - Abraham: Dan Brunkhorst – Slide guitar, machines 6: End Times Trio - Unexpected Explosions in a Midwest Suburb: Frank Trompeter – Alto/Tenor/Soprano Saxophone; Mark Schwartz – Guitar and Preparations; Richard Gilman-Opalsky – Drums and Percussion 7: Barry Chabala - Oswald Contemplates His Existence: Barry Chabala – Guitar www.barrychabala.com 8: Carey/Khoury - Untitled Improvisation/ March 7, 2003: Mike Carey –Bass Clarinet; Mike Khoury – Violin www.geocities.com/entropystereo 9: phil hargreaves - The End of the Street: phil hargreaves – Found sounds, Cello, Soprano Sax and Voice www.whi-music.co.uk 10: Lee Tusman/Voodooartist - Earsplode Dos: Circuit-bent kid's toy guitar processed and recorded through Ableton Live 11: Massimo Magee - Dual Emission: Massimo Magee – Tenor Sax, Amplifier, Homemade instrument #1 and recorder. www.myspace.com/massimomagee 12: Mittimus: Nothing is Really Free Now, is It?: Mike Yarrish – Upright Bass; Matt Sekel – Guitar www.myspace.com/mittimus2 13: Padma Sound System - Cubist Monastic Trio: Heidi Wilson Sax, Aryen Hart Vocals & Electronics, Yeshe Dorje Balophon & treatments http://www.padmasoundsystem.com/sonic-pueblo/ 14: Grass Hair Duo - untitled: Dan Pell - drums, Heath Watts - soprano sax 15: Glenn Weyant - Bite Me Wal-Mart (Suite Excerpt): Glenn Weyant – Kestrel 920 and Piano www.sonicanta.com 16: Fire and Flux - An Aphorism on Time: Benjamin Kates – Alto Sax; Richard Gilman-Opalsky – Drums and Percussion