Friday Morning Everywhere Experienced

Friday Morning Everywhere, that ubiquitously interstellar work of sound collage, improvisation and experimentation crafted by musician Phil Hargreaves and myself via the US/United Kingdom postal service and made available at no charge was chosen by Sound On Sound Magazine as their reader CD pick of the month. "In an age where it’s so easy to hit a button on a plug-in and spew out electronic noise to order, it’s great to hear something created the hard way, using imaginative playing techniques to extract new sounds from acoustic instruments. Phil and Glenn have found enough different flavours of cacophony to give each track its own distinct character, yet the album as a whole has a pleasing coherence." You can read the full review HERE. And if you haven't yet experienced Friday Morning Everywhere, isn't it about time you DID???? And oh yes... for those of you seeking further visuals... an MTV ready application of the "Neighbours" track from FME is now available for DOWNLOAD.