Give It Away, Give It Away

On this fine day in earthly history... 1455- King Henry VI was taken prisoner by the Yorkists at the Battle of St. Albans, during the War of the Roses. 1841- Henry Kennedy received a patent for the first reclining chair. 1892- Dr. Sheffield, a British dentist, invented the toothpaste tube. 1900- Edwin S. Votey received a patent for the pianola, a pneumatic piano player. 1969- A lunar module of Apollo 10 flew within nine miles of the moon's surface. 1998- Bolivia was hit with a series of powerful earthquakes. 2002- C.H.U.D. are discovered in Tucson sewers. 2006- www.sonicanta.com goes live! And so it goes. Twas ever thus. Send me an email today with your address before 11:59:59 p.m. and you'll receive a mystery disc or two while supplies last. Play the world.