Green Bush And The Pantheon

A Letter To President Bush This week a letter (pasted below) was sent to U.S. President George W. Bush along with a copy of The Anta Project disc for his listening pleasure. I'd like to imagine him having a Maxell moment buried deep in a Lay-Z-Boy, martini glass blown askew by the volume. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. CC'd (and also sent discs) were: V.P. Dick Chaney; Canadian P.M. Paul Martin; outgoing Mex. Pres. Vicente Fox; Az. Gov. Janet Napolitano. Now to wait and see if anyone hears. Details as they come. If there is someone you think deserves a letter/disc, e-mail their name/address and one will be on the way. August 7, 2006 Dear President Bush, I would be honored if you would accept the enclosed disc (Titled: The Anta Project), as a personal gift from me to you. The sound sculpture on this disc was created by using a cello bow and other manipulators to play the steel wall that cleaves the City of Nogales on the U.S./Mexico border. The performance also includes Sonoran Desert field recordings of Homeland Security helicopters, water jugs abandoned in the desert by immigrants, vibrating barbed wire fences and blowing wind (For more details please visit: www.sonicanta.com). By turning the border into a sprawling electro-acoustic instrument, my goal was to transform the symbolism of the wall from an implement of division into an instrument of creation with the ability to unite rather than divide. I realize we live in a new decade defined by war and fear, but as you know, high walls will never make for good neighbors. As you enter the twilight years of your presidency, perhaps you will find a way to use the power of your office to turn the walls that separate us as nations into bridges that will ensure peace and prosperity for all. Stay tuned and listen deep, Glenn Weyant Induction Into The Pantheon I'm honored to announce The Anta Project has earned a place in theTucson Underground pantheon. If you have ever wondered about Tucson's scene unseen, this site is for you, although what IS most likely WAS by the time you read this. T'was ever thus.Office Map Finally, The World Is Green In recent weeks the desert world has been transformed. Billowing monsoon clouds poking up over the mountains, bird and insect songs rolling in waves, pools of water filled with life, every plant clothed in bristling new green. Get out in the desert now before you wonder if it was ever here at all.