********* HAPPY 007! ********* NEW UPLOADS UNDER HEAR ********* EIGHT TWELVES ~~~~ AND ~~~~ WATER WOOD AND METAL AIR *********** LISTEN LONG AND PROSPER. *********** HAPPY 007! ************ The Eight Twelves: Four Variations~~~ A meditative suite of performances built around a central pulse and minor silence. Each variation is built upon the theme established in the previous work. The ultimate shape of the variation is open to the individual musician’s interpretation but should remain true to the spirit of the previous work. First variation is a duet between bowed blu-blu, a three-stringed acoustic instrument of original design, and manipulated water housed in a steel pan. (Image of blu-blu available under SEE). Second variation is a duet for detuned/prepared guitar and piano with tambourine placed upon the foot pedals. Third variation is an orchestration of steel vibration built from bowed/percussed copper, water and found wood calimba. Fourth variation is a duet for Tibetan death head flute and blu-blu --- a three stringed instrument of original design --- played in a percussive manner. (Image of blu-blu available under SEE). wood water and metal air (in five parts)~~~ A simple meditation on the interaction of wood, water, metal and air sculpted into a sonic work. All sounds heard were created with natural elements and the vibrations they produce. The ambient work runs roughly 60 minutes and has been divided for easy download. Contact glennATsonicanta.com via email for a copy of the full work.