JOHN CAGE - 4'33" (For Border Wall)





For over four year's The Anta Project has been sonically transforming the US/Mexico Border Wall and Sound Ecology through performance.

With this release of John Cage's classic 4'33" as arranged by Glenn Weyant for Nogales Arizona/Sonora Border Wall and International Landscape, the transformation of the wall from a symbol of fear and loathing into an instrument continues.

Cage in his notes on 4'33 stated the work need not be beholden to either a time frame or an instrument. Hence 4'33 in the audio version runs well past 4'33" (See below for download info).

It should be said that this performance began long before it started and continues as we speak.

Creaks, pops and groans are caused as the Nogales Wall is heated by the morning sun and audible to the ear without any amplification or alteration.

Listeners are encouraged to travel to the Nogales Wall to hear it for themselves in real time.

Look for other works in the months and years ahead.