KC Aftermath and Extracted Earth

Had a chance this weekend to become immersed in /share thoughts about sound creation at the KU Interdisciplinary Jazz Studies Colloquium. The working title was: What's Avant Garde About The Avant Garde. Returned home exhausted and energized by all of the ideas floated, but had no idea what Avant Garde meant (My take: It's all in the listening). Eventually, I plan to post my presentation on The Anta Project. However, the live Coke bottle improvisation demonstration was lost forever to the ether (as well it should have been). Sites discovered at KU worth a listen: Charity Chan: www.terminus1525.ca/studio/view/4397 Fred Ho: www.bigredmediainc.com Ursel Schlicht: www.urselschlicht.com **<><><**><><><**><><><**><><><**><><><**><><>** EXTRACTED EARTH Extracted Earth will finally be released this month in a four track "sampler" format you can download at no charge. If you like what you hear, the unabridged/complete, 240 minute, four-disc Extracted Earth installation will also be released as a "for sale or barter" item some time in May. Each signed/ numbered/ limited edition disc set will come with playing instructions, original cover art, extensive liner notes, an optimum speaker placement chart/schematic and detailed sound setting standards. NOTE: To experience this work properly it is strongly suggested Extracted Earth be played simultaneously upon four stereo-systems or boom boxes (eight speakers), ideally in a single room or building.