When creating  a new work no matter how much the composer might plan or anticipate the outcomes, if done right there are moments when the composition outshines anything imagined.

On December 11, 2013 Klangkunst Schmangkunst --- which premiered at Exploded View microCinema in Tucson --- did just that.

Highlights included audience members playing the venue's amplified external structure, a food fight involving loud snacks during the intermission and the appearance of a man who emerged from the bathroom with his head wrapped in toilet paper.

Klangkunst Schmangkunst is an evolving work of sound, film and performance.

The live performance schematic of Klangkunst Schmangkunst  suggests:

1) Film projection with an accompanying audio track composed from field recordings made in The City of Tucson : Sonorous Desert/ Baja, Arizona;

2) Live performance via amplification of the audience, the external environment and traditional instruments;

3) Audience sound cues and the distribution of loud snacks during a brief intermission.

Grateful appreciation to everyone who made this happen.

Till again...