Looking Forward: Back Again

This week marks the first anniversary of the performance that launched The Anta Project, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has lent their support, downloaded the sounds and helped keep this project rolling. Since May 2006 The Anta Project has given away (at no cost to the listener) over thirty-three gigabytes of sound and 200 physical discs to people from over eighty countries (See list below). In no small part the success of The Anta Project was heavily influenced by all those who helped share the project’s sounds and concepts with audiences around the world. In particular: * National Public Radio’s All Things Considered * Signal-to-Noise: The Journal of Improvised and Experimental Music * Bowed Radio * German National Radio SWR2 * The Phoenix New Times * The Downtown Tucsonan * Tucson Underground * The numerous blogs, zines and sites that translated the project into over five languages. Through the vision, interest and support of faculty at Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and The University of Kansas, The Anta Project also morphed into a presentation which utilizes sound, images and discussion to recreate the performance, address border issues and open minds to ideas about sound and perception. It was an honor to present The Anta Project at each of these welcoming institutions. Last but not least, on a personal level, this project has been extremely gratifying. Since May 2006 I’ve been very fortunate to trade emails with sonic visionary Pauline Oliveros, collaborate on a trans-border event with artists Alberto Morackis and Guadalupe Serrano and the Casa de Cultura in Nogales, Sonora, and even hear from former Mexican President Vicente Fox and U.S. President George W. Bush (although George’s note somewhat was surreally disconnected). I’ve also met and corresponded with many wonderful people too numerous to list but without whom this never would have been possible. In the year ahead watch for new collaborations, manifestations and incarnations of The Anta Project as well as the usual sonic contemplations and explorations. The next twelve months should be an interesting ride, so stay tuned and stay in touch. A Post Script Or Two PS: I know I have a tendency to blather on a bit, but if you made it this far I’ll tip you off to something not yet announced: Under HEAR I’ve uploaded four sample tracks from EXTRACTED EARTH. Each abbreviated sampler track, edited with a fade-in/out, runs about five minutes (Each EXTRACTED EARTH disc runs roughly 60 minutes). The downloads will not be officially released until the first box set is ready in another week or two. But if you’re looking for something new to bury your mind in…enjoy. You earned it.