Mister Bush~Tear Down This Wall

On February 22, the German radio program SWR2 will air a segment on the US/Mexico border wall. The story by journalist Lotta Suter will also feature tracks from The Anta Project. The program should eventually be available as a Podcast. My German is almost as bad as my English, but the preview on their Web site looks interesting and is hopefully translated here correctly via a free on-line translation program. Sincere apologies for any errors: (After Ronald Regan called upon the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall) George Bush the older... became an honored citizen of the city undivided now because of its salaries after reunification. The current reigning American President, George Bush junior, on the other hand, concluded this summer by building a 1,125 kilometer long fence along the boundary to Mexico. Obviously not only must communisim be defended against, but rather all neoliberale ideologies with all force - no paradise without expulsion. The obsession with security and inspection in the USA also affects the interior: The democratically open country decomposes increasingly in world's sealed off from one another - here gated communities and elite universities, there prisons and verluderte metropolis training. Who tears down these new walls? To learn more about the program or to hear it yourself visit: http://www.swr.de/swr2/programm/sendungen/leben/-/id=660174/nid=660174/did=1901466/a1mjim/index.html