Monsoon (D) Construction

Three excerpts from the Monsoon (D) Construction disc are now available now at: http://www.sonicanta.com/music.html Monsoon (D) Construction is a three part meditation on the nature of creation, decay and reconstruction inspired by firsthand observations made of summer rain interaction with desert flora. During the construction of each track, a sonic "seed" was initially planted at a fixed point along the sound timeline. Subsequent sounds were then created and added in response to form destinations, relationships and points of origin interconnected. All three tracks were built utilizing prepared guitar, prepared piano, blu-blu, Kestrel 920, amplified wine rack and steel chair. Track 1 (Liquid) and Track 3 (Transition) were extensively sculpted and mixed in a laptop environment utilizing a unique blend of multi-dimensional application processes I developed and are intended to retain elements of control and chaos. Track 2 (Growth) was recorded in a raw, suspended-time state. To obtain a copy of the entire Monsoon (D) Construction disc with superior sound quality and liner notes contact: glennATsonicantaDOTcom.