After 16 years of improvising and conversing with the monsoon rains that roll into Arizona every summer full of water and life, getting some of it down on disc was an organic next step.

So in August 2010 I released TUCSON ORCHESTRATED on the soniCanta label.

In simple and full-blown orchestral compositions, TUCSON ORCHESTRATED features more than an hour of traditional instruments and instruments of original design played in accompaniment with The City of Tucson.

Highlights include guest performances by rain, cicadas, crickets, birds, thunder, bugs and other monsoonal sound sources.

The hard copy versions of TUCSON ORCHESTRATED with an accompanying booklet are down to the last handful, and once they're gone they're gone.

However, the download supply is infinite and to celebrate or perhaps entice the 2011 monsoon's return, I've dropped the price for the entire digital version of TUCSON ORCHESTRATED to $1.99.

Bonne écoute!


Glenn Weyant: Tucson Orchestrated



"I’m listening to “Sounds Like Radio” with you this evening, and very much enjoying these cuts from Glenn Weyant’s “Tucson Orchestrated” album. There is a nice moment toward the end of “Monsoon Redux” where light percussive sounds strike on what sound like pots and pans. Although I’m guessing that Tucson doesn’t get much in the way of rainfall, it does remind me of an experiment of mine where I left some similar cooking implements out in a gentle shower. It’s good music to dream on, especially with headphones."

DaveX host of "It's Too Damn Early," (WDBX-FM) and "Sounds Like Radio," (WSIU-FM)