newZona Is Now

After a summer collaboration via the U.S. Postal System, avant-chaos New Jersey guitarist Barry Chabala and I have completed newZona: Long~~~Distance Improvisations Vol. 1. Barry (guitar) or I (piano) would record a track, mail it and then record a response. Each response was recorded during the initial listen to create as organic an environment as possible. Essentially it's a live recording but through elongated time/space. Or to think of it another way, two musicians on either side of the universe sending out sounds for the other to respond to in real time. In any case, you can get a copy of the disc by emailingBarry or myself. Copies will also available atsquidco.com orDowntown Music Gallery. The disc was designed by Barry with some wonderful cover art by his son Frankie. Eventually I hope to put up a few short sound samples for those seeking a taste.