Nogales Wall On The Silver Screen

Howdy folks,

Since a fair number of you on this list are in Tucson and likely to see Flor De Muertos this weekend, I decided to remix and release the full unedited version of the 2009 Halloween Nogales Wall performance featured in the film at no charge, along with a bonus sound sculpture built from crew banter during the filming.

You can get the tracks HERE.

 For all those of you who have never been to Tucson, or only know Arizona for the constant message of fear and loathing put out by a handful of sun-fried lunatics, Flor De Muertos should provide a new perspective about what is really going on here in the Sonoran borderlands.

 Plus a portion of the film's proceeds will go to help fund a number of worthy local organizations.

 More details about Flor De Muertos can be found HERE .

 Stay tuned,


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