One Day On Earth Sounding


Back on 10-10-10 filmmaker Steev Hise and I went out for a desert drive.

Steev was shooting footage for the upcoming film One Day On Earth and I had my goals set on playing the border wall and doing some birding. 

Nearly a year-and-a-half later on April 22, One Day On Earth will be showcased in theaters around the globe, most likely near where you live.

There is even a music video.

At first I was a bit skeptical of what would be accomplished by this project other than a hodgepodge of snapshots from around the globe.

But as the images began to come in, it was stunning to see people united on one planet without all the border and national constructs we've been programmed to accept.

And while I've not seen the full film yet, from what I have seen, One Day On Earth's strength lies in its ability to render meaningless "otherness" 

There is only "us."

One planet and one people in a landscape without borders.

Imagine that.