Name That Wall, Again... Time once again to play... NAME THAT WALL! Simply send an email naming this month's wall du jour and if you're right... You Win! Every correct answer is a winner. This month's prize is a copy of The Anta Project along with an advance release of "Yana," an ambient work for whispers, water and piano with eternal feedback. Kansas Anta No details yet on the upcoming University of Kansas presentation, Mar. 29-31. As soon as the time and space is released, details will appear here. Looking forward to taking these sounds and visions on the road again. Live sound sculpture planned with a limited cd-r release. Stay tuned. SÜDWESTRUNDFUNK The Podcast of a recent broadcast on German radio (SWR2) by Lotta Suter accompanied by tracks from The Anta Project is now available at: http://www.podcast.de/sendung/291969/SWR2_Leben_22_Diesseits_von_Eden It's an interesting meditation on the fear and insecurity that drives people to build walls and fences. Can't help but wonder: Who is being kept out and who is being kept in?