See Hear: Now!

You've heard The Kestrel 920, The Blu-Blu and The Nailed Board in action on a number of Sonicanta recordings. Perhaps someday there will be a world tour. But for now you can see them all in action at: http://www.kuat.org/misenplace.cfm?ID=865 The video profile on The Kestrel 920 and assorted sonic doings was broadcast on Tucson's public television news program Arizona Illustrated. Personally, I thought arts reporter Sooyeon Lee did a really wonderful job of maintaining the delicate balance between keeping the subject entertaining for a wide audience while also presenting the work with sincerity and integrity. If you enjoyed this segment and you're in Tucson or have access to KUAT programming, be sure to check out their "ARTe" program premiering on October 9 at 9 p.m. Check local listings for more details. The Oct. 9 broadcast is slated to feature Howard Terpning, Jay Dusard, Annie Bunker, David Tineo, and concertmaster, Steven Moeckel.