Signal To Bush And Zona News

Office Map When The Anta Project grew wings in May, the intention was to not only make an ambient recording of the borderlands but to also document the process in words and images as an article for Signal-to-Noise Magazine, the quarterly journal of improvised and experimental music. This month I am pleased to announce that the article, accented by a generous dollop of photographs by the very lovely and talented Jenniffer L. Funk-Weyant, is on newsstands now. Much thanks and gratitude to STN publisher Pete Gershon and his staff for their support of The Anta Project and for all they do to cover, support, nurture and promote the confluence of avant-garde jazz, electro-acoustics, experimentalism, modern rock and beyond. STN is available at: Albuquerque N.M: Newsland; Amherst, MA: Newbury Comics Asheville NC: Downtown Books Austin, TX: End Of An Ear, Waterloo Records, Book People Baltimore, MD: Daedelus Books Boston (Area): Newbury Comics, Harvard Coop, Trident, Brookline Booksmith Boulder, CO: Ear/Rational Music Chicago: Jazz Record Mart, Dusty Groove, Quimby’s, Sound Gallery Denver, CO: Twist & Shout Eugene, OR: Books W/O Borders Greeneville, NC Manifest Houston, TX: Sound Exchange, Issues, Bookstop Indianapolis, IN: Northside News Louisville, KY: Ear X-Tacy New York City: Other Music, Downtown Music Gallery Philadelphia, PA: Spaceboy Music Portland, OR: Powell’s Books, Django, Anthem Records Rochester, NY: Bop Shop. San Francisco, CA: Amoeba Records, Booksmith, Fog City News, News Hunter, Pendragon Books, Pegasus Books Seattle, WA: Bulldog News, Eye & Ear Control, Revolutions, Mag Daddy, Read All About It, Steve’s, Elliott Bay Book Co. Vancouver, Canada: Magpie Zulu Records Washington DC: One Stop News Also available at all Borders, Barnes & Nobles Booksellers & Tower Records locations... But remember to support your locally-owned indy retailers! And, of course, by subscription: www.signaltonoisemagazine.org (fall issue not up yet) King George And I U.S. President George W. Bush wrote to personally thank me for his copy of The Anta Project. Gee, how 'bout that. He wrote to tell me he was kicking back with Laura in the Oval Office listening to the sounds when he was hit with a profound revelation: Walls along borders simply do not work. So long as there is inequality and injustice, people will clamor to be free and the walls will serve simply as obstacles to be overcome even if it means taking ever greater risks to life and limb. Not to mention the impacts on migratory animals. Yeah right. Actually, he just wrote to say thanks for the disc and thanks for the support. Uh, support? Sigh. Why do I bother with this guy... But look at the beautiful penmanship on the envelope. George's Letter More tax dollars well spent. No word yet from Dick, Janet, Vicente or Paul. Zona Sessions Almost Finished New Jersey free chaos guitarist extraordinaire Barry Chabala and myself are finishing up our sonic explorations for guitar and piano. I still owe him a few tracks, but the stuff so far is very interesting. If you like your sound served without a net then this disc will be for you. More details as they emerge. And they will emerge, like C.H.U.D. from beneath the streets of New York City.