border songs

tis that time of year again...

everyone is telling you to buy this or buy that.

but not me.  nope.  all i want to do is wish you a swell 2015. 

however,  if you do want to buy something amazing and with meaning to offset mindless consumption, let me recommend "border songs."

LINK: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bordersongs

i've been plugging this album for two years now because it's the real deal.

one hundred percent of the profits go to support the humanitarian work of no more deaths.

to date it has generated $80,000 for things like putting water in the desert for migrants or purchasing supplies to bandage blisters and other wounds. 

eventually when sales hit $100,000 the disc will be done. 

so get one -- or two or three --- while you can.

okay, so that's it for the sales pitch which i said i wasn't going to pitch.

stay tuned and have a sound holiday season!

till again,