SonicAnta Offends Weakly?

Ever wonder why local/national/international media has covered The AntaProject, yet Tucson's so-called alternative paper has rejected coverage completely? Well, a little light may have been shed yesterday. A strange email arrived from Jimmy Boegle, the managing editor of The Tucson Weekly (occasionally referred to here as The Tucson Weak Knees). Seems he is upset about comments made over the summer by SonicAnta supporters about his publication's coverage of local music and politics. People also questioned Boegle's judgment/understanding when rejecting coverage. I'm guessing his wildly unfounded, inaccurate and exceedingly unprofessional passive-aggressive accusations were likely the result of too much holiday cheer at the local chain restaurant. I'm also hopeful his somewhat delusional sentiments have not trickled down to staff (thereby influencing their understanding of The Anta Project) and the surrounding community at large. So, in a spirit of peace, I'd like to extend my hand in friendship and wish Jimmy, his staff and Wick Communications all the best in 007. In fact, offending terms such as Tucson Weak Knees and Jimmy Bogus will no longer be tolerated on this site. Also, if you are a member of the Wick Communications family, please contact me via email with your name/address and I will happily send you an autographed copy of The Anta Project as a holiday gift while supplies last.